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Profile of Herschel Gluck

Herschel Gluck, the President of North London Shomrim, was profiled in the Jewish Chronicle:

“They said to us that they’ve never caught a burglar in situ”, the 59-year-old says. “By us it’s frequent — we frequently catch burglars when they’re coming out of the house, when they’re in the house, because we get there a lot quicker than the police.

“Our function isn’t to replicate the police, it is to get to the scene, secure the scene, apprehend the perpetrator and wait for the police to come. They make the arrest.”

“I think perhaps, other areas of London could learn from our model, about how to have a constructive association with members of other communities”, he says.

“When the first Muslims came to the neighbourhood in the late ’60s, early ’70s, it was actually Jewish people who welcomed them and helped them. And this in turn helped to an appreciation, to a positive memory, of relations with Jewish people, and an appreciation of what the Jewish people did for Muslim individuals. I think constructive engagement generally pays very good dividends.

“It’s been a real partnership. Both communities work equally together for the common good and for each other. I’m very, very heartened by the attitudes and by the actions of our Muslim partners in this area, and I am aware that that sentiment is shared by the Muslim community, that they see in the Jewish community people who really look out for them.”

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gavrieldaleProfile of Herschel Gluck

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