The bread and butter of London Shomrim is its community safety patrols which operate 6 evenings a week, resting only for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Our dedicated volunteers give up their time to patrol the local neighbourhood, acting as the ears and eyes of the police, facilitating the arrest and prosecution of hundreds of criminals every year.

All of our volunteers go through an extensive screening and training process to ensure that they can cope with the pressure and act exclusively within the law. Because of their unparalleled knowledge of the local area, our volunteers are able to gather evidence that would otherwise be unavailable to the police as well as prevent crimes before they happen. While on patrol, Shomrim help to protect all members of the community without respect to race or religion, and local residents of all backgrounds know that Shomrim’s neighbourhood patrols can be relied on to act with professionalism and compassion. All Shomrim volunteers receive training in counter-terrorism and first aid, as well as training on crime prevention by the Metropolitan police.

All Shomrim volunteers are DBS checked. While on patrol they wear stab-proof vests and carry with them an ID card, a two-way radio, and a first aid kit. We believe that Shomrim provides a model of how ordinary people can organise to assist the police and local government in making the community safer for everyone.

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