In recent years, politicians and the general public have become more alert to the dangers of different communities leading separate lives potentially leading to sectarianism and the decline of social cohesion. Shomrim of north London are proud to have been ahead of the curve in reaching out to other faiths and cultures, and showing how the tightly knit orthodox Jewish community can be a resource to benefit everyone.

Strictly orthodox Jews have a unique culture and are visibly different from the rest of the population. It is not always easy for orthodox Jews and members of other communities to come together and appreciate what they have in common. By serving the entire community and helping hundreds of victims of crime from every social group, Shomrim create the grassroots goodwill that is the basis of a harmonious and peaceful society. Many of the people who have been helped by Shomrim have never had a conversation with an orthodox Jew before. There is no more effective argument against anti-Semitism than the work we do helping people of all faiths and none every single day.

After the murder of Lee Rigby, North London witnessed an increase in anti-Muslim incidents and hate crimes. Shomrim responded by expanding its patrols to include local mosques and Islamic centers and provided the local Islamic community with the benefit of its expertise in security issues. We will continue to work to increase understanding, respect, and tolerance, ensuring a safer and more cohesive future for all.

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