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Shomrim Volunteers recover Tallit and Tefillin thrown by thieves into the river

As reported by Jewish News: Shomrim’s volunteers were dispatched and found the victim’s tallit (prayer shawl) dumped by the bins beside the pond. They then found the victim’s tefillin (small black boxes worn during prayer containing Torah verse) in the water. “Volunteers lovingly recovered the tefillin from the water and quickly identified the victim to alert

Shomrim tackle woman with 10-inch knife who wanted to ‘kill all you Jews’

As reported by the Independent Police arrested a 47-year-old woman on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence after she was tackled by neighbourhood watch volunteers in Stamford Hill, which is home to Europe’s largest Hasidic Jewish community. She is said to have run after a group of around 14 children aged between eight

Profile of Herschel Gluck

Herschel Gluck, the President of North London Shomrim, was profiled in the Jewish Chronicle: “They said to us that they’ve never caught a burglar in situ”, the 59-year-old says. “By us it’s frequent — we frequently catch burglars when they’re coming out of the house, when they’re in the house, because we get there a lot

Profile in the Evening Standard

London Shomrim were profiled in the Evening Standard, Britain’s 4th highest circulation newspaper: Last year the organisation said it facilitated 146 arrests, 22 of which were for anti-Semitic offences. A registered charity, Shomrim polices everything from drink-driving to racist abuse and its patrols are aimed at protecting all members of society, with 64 per cent of

Shomrim assists in arrest of burglars of old people’s home

As reported by the Hackney Gazette: After both suspects’ images were circulated in the Gazette online and in the paper, an eagle-eyed reader from the uniformed orthodox Jewish street safety patrol, Shomrim, identified Paczkowska, and the women were arrested in February. Det Con Anwen Clissold, from Hackney’s East area detections team, said … “I would like

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